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Compression Set Apparatus UI-FT82

Compression Set Apparatus is to test rubber compression set after compressed for a certain period under constant force in air.

  • Unuo Instruments
  • 18 months warranty
  • ISO17025 calibrated certificate
  • ASTM D395 Method A, SATRA TM64
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Compression Set Apparatus ASTM D395 Method A is to test rubber, microcellular foam material, and others compression set after compressed for certain period under constant force in air.

Compression set of rubber standard includes ASTM D395 Method A (ASTM D395 A), SATRA TM64. Contact us today for Compression Set apparatus price more details.

1. Unuo ASTM D395 Compression Set Fixture Method A Features

  • The structure is made of high-strength steel whose surface is with
    anti-rust plating process;
  • The test platform is made of stainless steel, which is anti-rust and strong;
  • The equipment is equipped with 9 stainless steel sample splints, which
    can test multiple sets of samples at the same time;
  • High-performance spring, stable and long spring life;
  • High precision dial indicator;

2. ASTM D395 Method A Compression Set Fixture Principle

Cut the sample and measure the thickness of the sample. Place the samples on the sample plate and sandwiched between the two plates. After the sample is compressed for a period of time by a preset pressure, the sample is removed and left for a certain period of time. Measure the thickness change of the sample and calculate the percentage change in thickness before and after the test. Check ASTM Method B Here

3. Tips for Compression Set Apparatus

  •  Samples are prepared strictly in accordance with the requirements of the standard before testing, and can be single or multiple stacked to the specified thickness (up to three stacked);
  • When using the device, slowly turn the handle and apply pressure slowly to prevent the sample from being excessively compressed due to instant pressure;
  • When using this equipment for testing, it should be allowed to stand for a certain period of time in a controlled, constant temperature and humidity environment, and after the test is finished and the sample is taken out, the sample recovery period should also be restored in the environment;
  • The thickness gauge is also required for this test;

4. Unuo ASTM D395 Compression Set Apparatus Specification



Dial Indicator

50mm, 0.01mm

Effective Stroke

Approx. 120mm


SATRA TM64 ;ASTM D395 Method A;

5. Compression Set Apparatus Operation Video ASTM D395, SATRA TM64

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