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Martindale Abrasion Test Procedure

Martindale Abrasion Test Procedure

Introduction: Martindale Abrasion Tester is used to test the abrasion resistance ability of insole, leather, textile and etc to defined cycles by rubbing in Lissajous figure. Martindale Abrasion Test Procedure: -Principle: Using a Martindale Abrasion Tester, standard wool or sandpaper is…

Temperature And Humidity Cabinet - Environmental Chamber For Sale

Environment Chamber Working Principle | Unuo

Environmental Chamber is humidity and temperature controlled chamber to provide constant temperature and humidity. Unuo Instruments provides temperature and humidity chamber temperature ranges from -60℃ to 150℃ (can be customized). small environmental chamber 80L available; 80L-1000L available. Here for more…

Color Matching Booth; Colour Matching Cabinet Manufacturers

Tips for Color Matching Booth Use

In daily color matching assessment, color matching chamber is widely adopted. In order to ensure material color consistency during sampling, production and final inspection, sample would be checked under various kinds of qualified light sources. Color matching chamber is a…

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