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ICI Pilling Tester UI-TX06

ICI Pilling Tester is used to assess fabric surface pilling, snagging and fuzzing by tumbling randomly.

  • Unuo Instruments
  • 18 months warranty
  • CE & ISO17025 calibrated certificate
  • GB/T 4802.3, ISO 12945.1, BS 5811, JIS L1076


ICI Pilling TesterICI pilling and snagging tester – ICI pilling box is applied to test pilling, snagging and fuzzing of fabric surface by tumbling randomly. ICI pilling test method includes ISO 12945.1, BS 5811, GB/T 4802.3, JIS L1076 and etc. UI-TX06 pilling and snagging tester is made with different standard box and can save your cost if different test standards are required.

Unuo UI-TX06 Pilling Box Tester Features

  • Pilling Box Tester can be made with different standard box on one machine. For example, Square box & Round box;
  • Photoelectric counting; Touch Screen Control;
  • The cork lining inside the box is detachable for easy replacement;

ICI Pilling Test Method Principle

Mount the sample on polyurethane tubes and tumbles randomly inside of the box with cork lining. Assess the sample appearance after a certain period as per standard.

Other needed lab testing machines to complete ICI Pilling Box Test

Temperature and humidity chamber for sample condition

Color Matching Cabinet

ICI Pilling Test Procedure

Take four samples of size 125 × 125 mm from the sample, taking care to avoid the same warp and weft yarns when sampling. Take two samples along the front of the warp direction, the other two samples are stacked along the latitudinal front, stitched 12 mm from the edge, and the front side of the sample is turned out, mounted on the polyurethane sample tube, using PVC tape. Both ends of the sample were fixed on the polyurethane tube. Clean the pilling box, put 4 samples into the same pilling box, close the lid, start the instrument, and rub the sample with the cork material. If there is no specific number of times, it is recommended that the coarse woven fabric be turned over 7200 rpm and the fine woven fabric turned over 14400 rpm. After the test is completed, the test sample is taken out and compared with the original sample for evaluation.

ICI Pilling Tester Specification

Model UI-TX06
Pilling Box square box, pin square box (snagging), 8 side box, round box can be choosed
Test Box 4
Speed 30r/min or 60r/min
Control Method Touch Screen Control
Square Box GB/T 4802.3, ISO 12945.1, BS 5811, JIS L1076,
Pin Square Box JIS L1058

Box Size: 230×230×230)mm

Pin Size: length 10mm, diameter 5mm, angle 45°,

8 Side Box BS 8479

Box Size: Surface to surface distance (224.5 ± 0.3) mm; depth (228.0±0.1)mm; Pin Size: length 5mm, diameter 1mm, angle 60°

Round Box M&S P18A, P18B

Box Size: 303mm, depth 168mm, Oblique height25mm

Power AC220V 50/60Hz
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