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UL 94 Test Equipment  UI-TX233

Horizontal Flammability Tester is used to test textile and material used in vehicles horizontal burning rate when exposure to a small flame.

  • Unuo Instruments
  • 18 months warranty
  • CE & ISO17025 calibrated certificate
  • ISO 3795, ASTM D5132, JIS D1201, SAE J369,
  • FZ/T01028, GB/T8410, GB/T20953
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UL 94 Test Equipment is a vertical & horizontal flammability tester to test polymer specimens like plastics and nonmetallic materials in vertical or horizontal direction.

1. Unuo UL 94 Test Equipment Flammability Chamber Features

  • User-friendly design and reliable in performance
  • Well-painted; black wall and large transparent window for better observation.
  • Color touch screen can be selected to record the ignition/after flame/after flame time.
  • Equipped with solenoid control gas valve, air flow meter, pressure regulating valve and pressure water column.
  • A digital timer with an accuracy of 0.1S.
  • This UL-94 apparatus is equipped with exhaust device for exhaust emission .
  • The testability items include HB,V, HBF,5V and VTM and etc.
  • Details operation manual & video for UL 94 flammability test procedure

2. UL94 Flammability Test Principle

Place the sample on specified grip in vertical or horizontal direction of the UL 94 instrument. The standard sample is placed horizontally or vertically on a specific fixture to ignite under a specified flame for a certain period of time. By measuring the residual flame and residual combustion time, the sample’s UL 94 flammability rating is evaluated. Find more flammability tester here.

3. UL94 Classification/ UL 94 Flame Rating Chart

UL 94 flammability rating has 6 classifications which are as below.


UL 94 RatingsTest Method Definition

(UL 94 horizontal burn test)

For samples 3 to 13 mm thick, the burning speed is less than 40 mm per minute; for samples less than 3 mm thick, the burning speed is less than 70 mm per minute; or to extinguish before the 100 mm mark.

(UL 94 vertical burn test)

After the sample was fired twice for 10 seconds, the flame was extinguished within 60 seconds. May have combustibles falling off.

(Vertical Burning Test)

After the sample was fired twice for 10 seconds, the flame was extinguished within 60 seconds. No burning matter should fall.

(Vertical Burning Test)

After two 10-second burn tests on the sample, the flame extinguished within 30 seconds. No burning matter should fall.

4. UL 94 Test Equipment Flammability Chamber Specification

Test chamber size0.8m3
Flame height (adjustable)10-200mm
Flame flow (adjustable)100-1000mm/min
Flame Angle  (adjustable)0°-45°
Sample vertical movement distance450mm
Horizontal movement distance of sample180mm
Setting of ignition time(0-99.99)S
after flame/after flame time counter(0.0-999.9)S
PowerAC220V 50/60Hz
StandardUL94, GB2408, IEC60695-11, IEC60707-11, ISO 1210,

ISO 9772, ISO 9773, IEC 60707, GB/T 5169,

ASTM D0635, ASTM D3801, ASTM D4804,

ASTM D4986, ASTM D5048

Note: grips vary with test standard, please specify the test standards.

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